Cung Le’s ‘Bad Ass’ Foot is a Secret Weapon

Cung Le Ariel

Ariel Helwani of MMA Fighting recently caught up with Cung Le to discuss his upcoming fight with Wanderlei Silva at UFC 139 on Saturday night. Of all things to come up was his ‘Ninja Toe Kick’.


What’s going on with your right foot over here. I’ve never seen a foot quite like this. It’s unbelievable. Look, I’ve always known you’re a bad ass, but his to me signifies that you’re a bad ass.


Over the years I’ve noticed it bending in. As long as I’m still able to run and when my son throw’s the football I’m still able to catch it, it still works. And it actually works really good. I have this kick called the ‘Ninja Toe Kick’ where I kick but I pull my toes back and hit the solar plexus. And people go down.

Cung Le also talks about his decision to leave Strikeforce, making his UFC debut in his hometown, learning from his loss to Scott Smith, and how he trained to prepare for Wanderlei. To watch the full interview click here.