Cut Cut Cut: Anthony Johnson Released From The UFC Following Loss To Belfort

UFC Anthony Johnson

Missing weight once, twice but three times? You not only tick off fans, but you tick off UFC President Dana White,

“This is his third time … Three strikes and you’re gone.”

“That was one of the most unprofessional things I’ve ever seen … The guy was at 170 pounds. He moved up to 185 pounds so this wouldn’t happen anymore, and this is the worst weight cutting disaster he’s ever had. He almost ruined the co-main event here in Brazil. I don’t know what else to say about that one. I’m not happy about it.”

Anthony Johnson came in 11 pounds over for his middleweight fight with Vitor Belfort on Saturday night.

White let the head roll, making a example for fighters to take their jobs seriously.

“I don’t know who you blame in this one. Do you blame him? Do you blame his team? Do you blame his camp? I mean who takes the blame in this one? Ultimately, you’re a grown man. You’re responsible for your own actions.”

Once thing to note, White did not rule out the possibility of a return for Johnson when he gets his fighting career all sorted out. Hello Strikeforce.