Dana White and James Toney Meet, Not Interested In Freak Show

UFC President Dana White humored boxer James Toney with a private meeting to discuss the fighters MMA future and to get him off his back.

“Here’s the hard part for me … Yes I’m interested. I’ve been talking to Lorenzo, and yes, we’re both interested. The hard part is, I’m the one who always starts talking s— about the people who put together freak shows. And the reason this is a freak show is because the whole boxing vs. MMA thing. It’s either boxing or it’s MMA. [UC Mag]”

White should sign the silver tongue boxer to a contract to fight the lowest man on the UFC heavyweight totem pole, Kimbo Slice. Let Kimbo put the “Lights out” on his MMA career.

Toney and his crew have been hounding Dana White at UFC press events in recent months. Here’s a clip of Toney confronting White during a interview at UFC 108. Check the video out after the jump.