Dana White Calls ESPN Dirty Lairs Over E:60 Expose


UFC President Dana White has waged war on ESPN over E:60 expose piece “Monopoly”. The company has released Dana’s reaction as well as the unedited interview with Lorenzo Fertitta.

“You do a 40-minute interview with a guy and then you do a nine-minute piece with him, and they make it look like all this bad stuff is going on and they don’t tell Lorenzo’s side of the story when Lorenzo says things. You’ll see this thing in its entirety and you’ll see ESPN ‘Outside the Lines,’ E:60, these shows like this, how they do business and what they’re like. They’re dirty, they lie and they never give you all the facts. This is why I did not participate in this interview.”

Dana can be a viscous when you piss him off. I’m sure this is not the end of the saga.

Check out the full uncut 40+ minute interview with Lorenzo Fertitta below,


  1. Morey

    January 16, 2012 at 8:34 pm

    First off this is a great interview. If you've got 45 mins its a great interview. The UFC pays well to top fighters considering this is a very new sport, no doubt about that. But they pay crappy to the newcomers in the sport.

    The reason for that is that there is no college MMA like there is in every other developed sport. It's the job of the UFC to actually decide which talent translates to the top of the sport. So yeah they don't pay bottom feeders in the sport.

    As far as fighters not being able to say their mind. Yeah, if you say your mind about not getting paid or opportunities you're not going to get the best contract or fights…unless it sells (Nick Diaz). That's how it is. There is a handful of guys deciding your fate so you have to play the game. It's a new sport and its not like you join a team and prosper based on wins/losses, you are the team, and like the WWE you will get your opportunities based on how much people like you.

  2. technix

    January 16, 2012 at 8:46 pm

    i can imagine the NFL did exactly what they did when the started the sport. the UFC is new and they are spending their profits on expanding the sport. why they won't tell you how much they're making.

    one thing i know for sure from all of these interviews. dana white and Lorenzo Fertitta are already rich and they aren't pocketing the money, they are investing in expanding the sport.

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