Dana White In Depth Sit Down Interview With Graham Bensinger (Video)


UFC President Dana White sits down with sportswriter Graham Bensinger for an in depth interview on the state of the UFC. Grab some popcorn its a long one.

Topics Discussed

  • Dana White talks about his dream partnership with FOX.
  • Dana White explains why the mob in Boston came after him and how it led to him moving to Vegas
  • Dana White talks about purchasing the UFC and the lowest point of those early years
  • Dana White talks about how Michael Vick owned up to his mistakes and he respects anyone who can do that
  • Dana White touts safety record of UFC and why he thinks it’s safer than most other sports
  • Dana White on fighter salaries
  • Dana White: Donald Trump was the first to give the UFC a chance
  • Dana White explains what used to be wrong with the UFC and why regulations are good for the league
  • Fedor, Brock Lesnar and Georges St. Pierre