Dana White on Brandon Vera “He doesn’t have that killer instinct”


The Sun:

“I’m not seeing what I expected from Brandon Vera. It’s like he’s lost something. He doesn’t have that killer instinct since he took that year off. He doesn’t go after people. He used to be so cocky. He wanted to fight everybody.

“We tried to get him on one of the seasons of The Ultimate Fighter and he turned that down and said he wanted to fight Chuck Liddell and that he would knock him out. I hear that seven days a week so I told him to go on TUF and we’d find out how good he was.

“He was good¿he used to walk through heavyweights earlier in his career. But he took a year off and we had all the issues with his contract and he hasn’t been the same since. I don’t know what’s wrong with him.”

Once the UFC’s heavyweight golden boy, Brandon “The Truth” Vera finds himself on the losing end of a split decision to Keith Jardine at UFC 89. Vera has posted a 1-3 record in has last four fights in the UFC and it that wasn’t bad enough, he how has the sport most vocal man and his boss commenting about his performance in the cage.