Dana White On Getting Chael Sonnen In And Out Of Brazil Safely


The Ultimate Fighting Championships took their one man comedy act Chael Sonnen on the road to Brazil for the UFC 147 press conference earlier this week. UFC President Dana White details the safety measures the UFC took to get the middleweight contender in and out of Brazil without harm.

“With the stuff he said and everything else, we made sure we had proper security … We had seven guys with us who do this for a living. We mapped out the whole route. We literally landed at the airport in Rio, went through customs, then jumped on helicopters that took us right through to the hotel. I came in the front door and we put him through the side door, had him in a holding room.”

When a post-press conference media scrum with Sonnen starting going south, said White, they knew it was time to get the mouthy middleweight from Oregon out the door.

“We did a scrum with him, the reporters were getting really aggressive. Someone got him with a shock pen, all kinds of stuff like that. He went out the side door, I went out the front door, we got back in the helicopters, got him back through customs, got him on a plane, and got him out of there.” [MMAFighting]

Safety is a good thing, when you repeatedly bashed a countries sports hero and insulted the country as a whole.

Luckily the UFC wont have to do that again anytime soon, as Silva vs. Sonnen II was moved to UFC 148 in Las Vegas.

Lets take a look back at one of Chael’s classic interviews on Brazil.