Dana White Recaps TUF 14 Finale, Unsure Of Mayhem’s Future and Bids Farewell To Spike TV

dana white

UFC President Dana White recaps Saturdays TUF 14 Finale, calls the Bisping vs. Mayhem the most one sided UFC fight of all time and parting ways with SpikeTV.

“The most one sided fight I might have ever seen in the UFC!” White tweeted immediately following Miller’s lackluster performance.

Some may have awarded Miller with the opening round because he was able to secure a takedown and hold “The Count” there for most of the first five minutes, but not White.

“It’s one of the most lopsided fights I’ve ever seen,”

“I’m disagreeing with people. I didn’t give Mayhem Miller the 1st round … He had a quarter of a mount and didn’t do a thing, and actually Bisping was landing punches from the [bottom]. I think Bisping landed more shots, did more damage. I go for damage and I think Bisping did more damage in the 1stRound than Mayhem did.”

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  1. CuttinCutty

    December 5, 2011 at 6:02 am

    Dana is an idiot if he cuts Mayhem after one fight. I'll admit Mayhem looked soft, out of shape and weak against Bisping. This wasn't the fighter who fought Jake Shields, Ronaldo Souza, Robbie Lawler and Tim Kennedy.

    Did Dana really say he wasn't impressed with Mayhem's performance against Georges St. Pierre? UFC 52, different weight class. Its 2012 son.

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