Dana White Talks About Kimbo Slice and TUF 10

Dana White Talks About Kimbo Slice and TUF 10

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  1. dane drebin

    June 4, 2009 at 9:52 am

    i agree with roy, tim i think you are way off. danas a business man and he knows kimbo is big bucks. he bashed kimbo so much because he was on CBS and becomming a huge star for another organization. If dana can make a star out of junie browning he can make a star out of kimbo easily. kimbos all ready a star in a lot of peoples eyes. a lot of people who dont follow the sport know who kimbo is.

    and your statement that you've said so many times the ufc doesnt need kimbo… kimbo needs the ufc is wrong.

    Neither one need eachother. kimbo could go to japan get paid big bucks, coulda signed a nice deal with strikeforce and woulda been makin a lot more than most deserving fighters, or coulda faught brett rogers in afliction for a nice pay check aswell. kimbo made 500,000 his last fight he doesnt need anything.

    when kimbo fights on the finale we will all be expecting an apology from you tim lol. and i will give you one if he does not fight on it but the odds of that are very unlikely unless he's injured.

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