Dana White To Hackers “Nerd Games” Watch And See, Compares Response To 9/11


The Ultimate Fighting Championships IT departments job just a little bit harder. UFC President Dana White challenges the “Anonymous” hackers who took down the UFC website and released his personal information to watch and see, compares the governments response to these “Nerd Games” to 9-11.

“you guys on the internet playing this goofy stuff playing these little nerd games you are pissing people off… sit back and see what happens in the next several months.”

“I’m going to kick your ass … you go out there and start acting like a terrorists … your going to get Osama bin Laden’nd”

The hackers responded with a morning of hacking of the UFC website and screen cast the whole thing,

This morning, S3rver.exe, the hacker who not long ago breached Sony Pictures and who’s currently helping out Anonymous hackers, along with others, breached UFC.com and UFC.tv, defacing some of their webpages.

“I hacked those 2 sites this morning. One of them has 60+ vulnerabilities and ufc.tv has XSS, BlindSQL Injection and other vulnerabilities,” the hacker said. [Softpedia]

Dana’s is always game for a fight and he sure knows hot to pick them.