Diaz Says He Wants Silva


It’s not too much of a surprise to hear that Nick Diaz wants to come out of retirement. It’s in his blood. MMA just can’t go away that easy once you’ve got the addiction.

So now that he’s back who do you think he wants to take on? Anderson Silva. It’s a big move for Diaz and one that would most likely make him have to move up to 185 pounds for it to happen. The question is will Silva agree to the fight.

Diaz has been using the last few months to get his head cleared and is ready to take on a huge battle. He’s not looking for any type of small battle here and sounds ready to go. His heart is fearless and if he says he’s up to a big fight it will be interesting to see just how far he’ll be able to take it.

Diaz is looking for a big fight and that’s why he’d like to take on Silva. Diaz plans on appealing a yearlong suspension he received in February after a positive test for marijuana metabolites, after his Condit fight, so that he can get back in the cage before the end of 2012.

A fight between Diaz and Silva would be in Silva’s favor but Diaz may have enough spunk and resilience to tip the scale. With his trash talk and aggressive style this would be a must-see fight if it ever comes about.

Right now the talk of the town is that Silva is eyeing Georges St. Pierre for his next fight. Of course, this would make a lot of sense from Silva’s viewpoint. As Silva looks towards the end of his career he’ll want to be scheduling a types of blockbuster fight for the big money. A fight between Silva and St-Pierre would be one of the biggest fights in the history of UFC but it has not yet been offered.

It probably won’t be either.

St-Pierre and Silva are two of the most bankable fighters on the roster and putting them together would mean a big fall for the loser. Either one or the other would lose their marketability and star appeal. It’s just asking for a cash loss for the MMA and end the reign of one of MMA’s biggest stars.

This is a fight that may not happen for a few years yet, if ever.