Did Junie piss off the UFC once again?

The video you can no longer find...
<em>The video you can no longer find...</em>

The video you can no longer find...


Here’s the deal…

Tammy Logsdon AKA “TammyTV” recently visited Junie for an interview at the Four Season Martial Arts Gym in Lexington, Kentucky where he trains. TammyTV later placed that video interview on YouTube and I happened to have watched it. The video interview didn’t reveal anything too exciting, that is until Tammy asked Junie when his last fight was. Junie’s reply was that he couldn’t say, making it understood that his last fight was on sometime on TUF. Obviously, he was being vague because he had to be. However, things took a slight turn when Junie stated that all he would say was that he did “really good” on the show.

Now, keep in mind that this video was posted on YouTube before this most recent TUF episode when Junie went absolutely berserk. If you were like me, most TUF viewers were probably thinking that Junie could be getting kicked off the show because of his crazy antics on that episode. Or it could be reasoned that maybe he’d be kicked off at a later date because he will just keep up his crazy ways.

Let’s take one step back and ask ourselves, what does Junie mean by “really good”? Up until now, I was of the belief that this guy was bound to keep up his craziness and eventually be booted from the show. But if he’s now saying (after the taping of TUF is over) that he did really good, it now makes me question my beliefs. Now, I’m not entirely sure he’s going to be kicked off. Also, because of his statement in the interview, I’m led to believe that, at minimum, he wins his next fight — or more.

The story, however, does not end there. In the latest twist, the video has since been removed from YouTube and can’t be found anywhere on the web. Prior to a few days ago, at least a few MMA News sites had posted or linked the video. Now all that is left is an error message. If I had to guess, I’d surmise that the UFC got wind of this video and they pressured the owner to remove it. Why else would the video be suddenly MIA?

I’m pretty sure all of the fighters sign confidentiality agreements prior to the taping. Junie was supposed to keep his mouth shut. Dana has got to be fed up with all the drama Junie creates. I can only assume that he is that damn good for them to put up with him. He better be worth it.