Does Jay Hieron Has The Worst Luck In MMA?

After a ton of frustration with the death of Affliction MMA, Jay Hieron (18-4) vs Jesse Taylor gets bumped off the Showtime telecast at the last minute. If you don’t think so check this out,

  • Hieron wins the IFL belt, the promotion goes down.
  • At Affliction 2 he was dropped from the PPV, his fight with Jason High took place after the main event to an emptying arena. By the way, he KO High in 1:04, a true highlight opportunity missed.
  • Affliction MMA goes down, leaving fighter out in the dark a little over a week before their scheduled fight.
  • Fight with Paul “Semtex” Daley get canceled.
  • Nick Diaz doesn’t show for a mandatory drug screening, that fight gets canceled.
  • He get a tough opponent in Jesse Taylor, that fight gets bumped off the Showtime card.
  • And like he said in the interview, if you are not on TV your sponsors don’t pay shit.