Donald Cerrone Defeats Melvin Guillard at UFC 150 Co-Main Event

Donald Cerrone

Donald Cerrone was victorious over former teammate Melvin Guillard in the co-main event of UFC 150. He admits that although he was happy over his win, he feels uneasy as Guillard is also his close friend. The lightweight fight was held at the Pepsi Center at Denver, Colorado.

Cerrone found that the win did not come easy for him; he was able to win by the way with a vicious right driving Guillard to the floor. Melvin Guillard trained with Cerrone at Jackson’s MMA in Albuquerque, New Mexico; this was before he relocated to Florida and joined the Blackzillians. During their fight, Guillard was seen to falling face first to the mat as Cerrone prepared to give him one last blow. But then Cerrone changed his position to give his opponent a rear-naked choke when referee Josh Rosenthal waived off the fight.

Cerrone commented during the post fight interview: “A lot of people was asking me, ‘Will it be hard to finish a teammate?’ And I would say, ‘No’. [But when I was] actually there with that finishing blow, it was very hard. So instead I went for the choke.”

But Guillard also did his best to recover and reclaim his stance. “I was extremely hurt, especially from the knee to the body. It took everything in me to just fight through it and keep going. That was probably the worst I’ve ever been injured in a fight. All I could think of was just sucking it up and keeping my composure to keep going.”

However, at the end of the fight, Cerrone turned the tide of the bout by giving Guillard a lead-leg high kick that landed on Guillard’s skull wobbling the fighter. Then Cerrone’s right hand followed moments later, driving his opponent to the floor.

Cerrone admitted: “Frankly, I thought I just grazed the top of him. I didn’t realize I connected as well as I did. Thankfully, I did, and I was able to follow with the right hand. In training, that’s what I was working on. He drops his hands and fades off that was a lot.” Cerrone also described Guillard as explosive and aggressive at the beginning and he too came “amped up”. “He came out and hit me hard, just like I figured he would.”

Cerrone is a native of Colorado and he also felt excited and proud to fight in front of a hometown crowd.