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4 Comments on "DREAM 1 Videos"

  1. kom34

    alvarez has some vicious ground and pound, that was a great fight. dida almost had the upset but alvarez showed he is a tough fighter.

  2. kom34

    calvancante should have gotten the victory because it didn't look like his elbow hit the back of the head, it hit aoki's trap. i'm sure it hurt like hell but i think aoki just didn't want any more of that fight. i have a ton of respect for aoki's jujitsu but i lost respect for him as a fighter in this one.

  3. danedrebin

    ya that was a bad call for sure i didnt know u could win fights by being a pussy and calling it quits i gues u learn something new everyday. it was good to see cro cop get in the win column. he looks a lot stronger but at the same time he looked hesitant in the beggining. it's priolly cuz he's comming off of two loses i hope he gets his confidence back by owning some people in dream and then goes back to redeem himself in the ufc.

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