DREAM 3: Aoki Injured, JZ Calvancante To Move On (UPDATE)

jz-calavante-dream 3

On the Savage Dog Show today, Greg Savage reported that he received a text message from American Top Team, informing them that Shinya Aoki will not be able to continue in the lightweight grand prix, due to a facial injury and will be replaced by JZ Calvancante.

JZ Calvancante will now face Katsuhiko Nagata in the second round of the lightweight grand prix on May 11.

In their first fight at DREAM 1 was ruled a no contest after Aoki was hit in the shoulder blade with an illegal elbow by Calvancante, the two fighter faced off in a rematch at DREAM 2. Aoki looked out matched in their first showing, but turned things around and pulled off the surprising decision victory over JZ at DREAM 2.

DREAM rules state that if the fighter can’t continue, the loser will take his place in the tournament.

UPDATE: Sherdog is now reporting that JZ will not fight at DREAM 3, what a mess.

Calvancante was approached about replacing the Japanese fighter, but the 24-year-old American Top Team representative could not come to terms with the promotion and has since left Japan.

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  1. roy

    April 30, 2008 at 7:51 am

    that sucks, to bad jz won't continue that would have been perfect since he kind of won the first fight.its a shame the ufc won't send one of there l.w.'s to step in.

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