DREAM Declares War On The UFC, Plans Global Expansion


FEG, the promoter of DREAM and K-1 have announced a new strategy of global expansion with help of a new investor, Shanghai-based investment bank PUJI Capital.

“This is a declaration of war against the WWE and UFC. From Asia, we will take the world. Mr. Ishii is completely supporting us. We won’t stand a chance in the American market so we will spread to the rest of the world. When K-1 and PRIDE were competing against each other, 80-percent of the martial arts market was in Japan. It is now the opposite and Japan is only 20-percent. We were worried that Japan would be left behind if we let this continue, it is unacceptable. We needed to change our business model. We’ve let Dana White get a lead on us. Before (Shinya) Aoki beats (Gilbert) Melendez, we must win as promoters.” [MMAFighting]

FEG is expected to receive $230 million from the investment bank to revive Japanese MMA as well as promote outside the country.