DREAM Sets The Record Strait, Not Pulled From Primetime


According to Sherdog, The Japanese promotion DREAM didn’t lose its Primetime network deal with Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS), but rather agreed to air some shows in condensed form, later in the evening, so that they could try there hand in Pay-Per-View.

“FEG elected to have TBS broadcast three Dream events in primetime, and four [events] with a delayed TBS broadcast in the evening, while putting these four events live on PPV through SkyPerfect TV…As such Dream 1 was on TBS in primetime, as well as the lightweight and middleweight GP finals will be in primetime, while the other four events will be live on PPV and delayed evening broadcast on TBS. This was worked out with TBS at the beginning of the year, and the schedule was already set…This structure is suitable for both TBS and FEG, as PPV is a growing market in Japan,”

DREAM 2: Round 1 of the Middleweight Grand Prix, is set to go off Tuesday April 29 from the Saitama Super Arena in Tokyo, Japan.