Dustin Hazelett Well Prepared Anything Paul Daley Brings At UFC 108



Welterweight prospect Dustin Hazelett on fighting Paul “Semtex” Daley on the main card at UFC 108.

“Being a grappler, my path of least resistance is almost always on the ground … With him being an excellent striker, his easiest path to victory is usually on the feet. But, it’s mixed martial arts. You have to be able to go anywhere and fight anywhere. I’ve been working a lot on my Muay Thai the last couple of years; I think it’s a good test for me.” [MMAWeekly]

Dustin Hazelett might be confident in his Muay Thai skills, but against a proven knockout artist like Paul Daley, his best bet is to pull off another highlight reel submission in there fight on Saturday night.

Classic striker vs submission fight at UFC 108 “Evans vs Silva” on Jan. 2 in Las Vegas.