Dynamite Screw-up

The California Athletic Commission has denied Hong Man Choi a licence to fight in the “Dynamite” PPV that is being held on June 2nd. This is a huge setback for K-1 and Elite XC as they planned a good debut to bring some attention for both of their MMA organizations. Not only is Lesnar – Choi the most anticipated matchup on the card, but it was going to be one of two (also Gracie – Sakuraba) fights that would headline the PPV. Leaving most undercards for free viewing on Showtime.

There are three things that can happen here. First, they can call off the event or have it all shown on Showtime, not Pay Per View. Most likely that won’t happen, so second they would have to ask the commission to reconsider or retest Choi to clear him to fight. The third option, which is probably what we are going to get, is to replace Choi with an alternate that has a known name. Some of the top names that are being kicked around are Butterbean, Tank Abbot, and Bob Sapp.