Ed Soares: You’re On a Guy 23 minutes and You Couldn’t Finish Him? Why Should He Get a Rematch

Anderson Ed soares

Anderson Silva’s manager Ed Soares,

“[Anderson] showed what a champion is made of. He fought through all of that adversity and through all of the things that were going on in there and he stayed focus and never gave up and that’s the heart of a champion … Once he tapped, Chael kept fighting. He didn’t let go because he wasn’t sure of what was going on. He wasn’t going to give that position or submission up until he was sure. Once again, Chael tried to deny that he tapped until he told the ref, ‘I believe you,’ it’s like, come on dude, that’s the same shit you did with Filho and Babalu. If you’re going to tap, then tap … I mean, I don’t necessarily think an immediate rematch is legitimate. It’s not like he won by decision. You got submitted, man. Anderson got a few bumps and bruises, but let’s be realistic, you’re on a guy 23 minutes and you couldn’t finish him? Why should he get a rematch?” [FightHype]

Ed Soares is definitely not happy with some media and fans who are calling for a instant rematch between the spider and Chael Sonnen.