EliteXC: Kimbo Slice Vs. Tank Abbott Results LIVE

elitexc street certified

elitexc street certified

EliteXC: Street Certified

Main Card: 10pm EST on Showtime
Under Card: 8pm EST Free on ProElite.com

Main Fight Card

  • Kimbo Slice (1-0) vs. Tank Abbott (9-13)
    Result: Kimbo Slice defeats Tank Abbott by TKO (Strikes) at 0:43 of R1.
  • Antonio Silva (9-1) vs. Ricco Rodriguez (27-7)
    Result: Antonio Silva defeats Ricco Rodriguez by Split Decision.
  • Scott Smith (14-4) vs. Kyle Noke (13-4-1)
    Result: Scott Smith defeats Kyle Noke by KO (Punch) at 0:07 of R2.
  • Yves Edwards (32-13-1) vs. Edson Berto (13-4-1)
    Result: Yves Edwards defeats Edson Berto by KO (Flying Knee) at 4:56 of R1.
  • James Thompson (14-7) vs. Brett Rogers (7-0)
    Result: Brett Rogers defeats James Thompson by TKO (Strikes) at 2:24 of R1.

Undercard Fights

  • Rafael Feijao (4-1) vs. John Doyle (6-2)
    Result: Rafael Feijao defeats John Doyle by TKO (Knee) at 2:17 in R1.
  • Jon Kirk (10-2) vs. Yosmany Cabezas (4-0)
    Result: Yosmany Cabezas defeats Jon Kirk by Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 0:58 of R2.
  • Mario Rinaldi (6-2) vs. Dave Herman (9-0)
    Result: Dave Herman defeats Mario Rinaldi by TKO (Strikes) at 0:33 of R3.
  • Eric Bradley (2-1) vs. Mikey Gomez (6-3)
    Result: Eric Bradley defeats Mikey Gomez by Unanimous Decision.
  • Lorenzo Borgameo (2-0) vs. Mike Bernhard (3-0)
    Result: Lorenzo Borgomeo defeats Mike Bernhard by Submission (Triangle Choke) at 4:11 of R2.
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42 Comments on "EliteXC: Kimbo Slice Vs. Tank Abbott Results LIVE"

  1. Kimbo and Tank traded punches early, tank went down Kimbo landed 4 punches to the back of Tanks head.

    The ref stepped it and warned Kimbo.

    Both fighter went at it again, Kimbo was on target dropping Tank to his knees. Tank gets up just in time for Kimbo to land a punch to the chin, dropping Tank and ending the fight.

  2. kimboishot

    Kimbo will always look good on his feet I just cant wait till he fights someone who is still in his prime. It will be entertaining but Kimbo needs to be brought down a little bit he thinks he is hot shit right know.

  3. Ryan

    It's time for kimbo to face a fighter with some skills! That was a joke of a fight….I wanna see if kimbo has what it takes when a fight goes to the ground.

  4. Good fight for kimbo, now he needs to face someone with some actual MMA skills…..How about Ricco

    How about Edwards and Smith.

    Did you see that knee that Edwards pulled off….

  5. Kash

    It was a great event. Watched five good fights without much fillers in between and it was just two hours. Fight of the night for me was Yves Edwards. Both of those guys were extremely fast and looked powerful. That flying knee at the end was perfect. Faber tried to pull that one off in his last fight.

    Kimbo is intimidating and even though its sad to see tank get KO'd, he kept coming foward and kept getting up. The rumor at the end was Kimbo posibly fighting the winner of the Ken Shamrock fight. That would bring in the money, Kimbo vs. Shamrock.

  6. derek

    kimbo owned tank. tank came out throwing bombs, and he did catch kimbo right on the chin. but kimbo's chin just absorbed the punches. kimbo had some very nice ducking and weaving. his punches are very fast too. i think if kimbo fights ken shamrock, kimbo has the advantage on his feet, but on the ground, we all know shamrock will go for some type of leg/ankle/knee lock or bar. shamrock used to be dominant back in the day, but he doesn't fight as aggressively anymore.

  7. PoppyNick

    Kimbo looked good……against Tank which isn't saying much. He has great hands but put him in the ring with a Silvia, Nogura, Gonzaga, Fedor, Randy…..I could go on and one with a list of heavyweights that would destroy him. Now they are saying he might fight Shamrock….another 65 year old UFC Vet……gimme a break.

  8. Scooby Doo

    Pnick u said it best another 65yr old ufc vet, Com'on! EliteXC better pick up andre "the pit bull" arloski, Gonzaga cause i belive this guys contracts r almost up with the ufc, and that would be better comp for Kimbo. They r bringing him up like most boxers early in their careers with some easy fights ,Tank came to fight but father time showed up also. The undercards were the best fights of the night.

  9. whodini

    yep it will be very interesting to see kimbo in witha real mma fighter not sure if ken has what it takes hmm? well see but kimbo does have bas rutten in his corner and that has to say something.. bas was a bad dude at one time if you ever saw any of kimbos fights when he did lose the other guy took him into the late rounds and kimbo fatigued but im sure bas has him working on his cardio this really wasnt a good fight it was a promotional event . so tank could pass the torch on to him well see how long he lasts i like kimbo but i cant wait to see him lose it will somthing im sure

  10. Morey

    I think they should have him fight Bret Rogers next. Both like to bang and are starting their early mma career undefeated. Knowing Elite though, the next fight might be Kimbo vs. Gannon.

  11. freako

    did anyone actually think this was going to be a good fight. tank is a joke. I would like to see kimbo actually fight someone with some decent mma skills.

  12. Trinity

    Jamie Reagan is the best street fighter in the world if you ask me and he belongs in a major MMA event.Jamie is a very aggressive fighter with ko power to ko anyone and he is only 5"11 170 pounds and he has fought several hundered fights and never lost.Jamie Reagan lives in the small town of Oneida Tennessee there has never been no kind of mma training here but if we can get him in a major event we would sure get him into top shape.I will as well talk about Kimbo I do think he is a great fighter and he could go far infact I think soon the UFC will want him I am not sure how great he will do but he is a brawler and I'm sure he can take a punch.Kimbo Slice is a fighter I am very interested in seeing just how well he will do and I hope to see him fight Ken Shamrock soon then maybe we can get a good idea about him.

  13. Trinity

    Jamie Reagan is a great fighter and I would love to see him get in a major mma event and he would love to as well.Kimbo Slice a well known street fighter who come off the streets and seem to being doing well in the world of mma and I think there is a good chance he will go far in mma and I think the same would happen if Jamie Reagan was to get involved in mma.Jamie is in the area of around 300-0 in street fights so I am sure he could do well in mma.Kimbo I was thinking would get the win over Tank and maybe his next fight will be a big step up so we can see where he stands.

  14. Kazja's Brother

    (I feel compelled to come back)

    Did I miss the ice cream truck again? Ken Shamrock? Did he move up in weight?

    I was disappointed that Tank was hit several times in the back of the head (not that it would have made much of a difference otherwise). I'm also surprised nothing happened when Kimbo threw his mouthpiece out of the cage. Tank was outclassed like most people expected. I'd actually like to see Kimbo fight "Big foot" Silva.

  15. Morey

    Yeah, Kimbo even laid a shot to the back of Bo Cantrells head when he was tapping on the ground. I think its like the announcer said, after about 5 seconds Kimbo put technique aside and went back to his brawling instincts.

  16. dane drebin

    lesnar vs kimbo wouldnt even be a contrest imo

    i think lesnars way too big and strong for the 230 pound kmbo. lesnars wreslting would take kimbo down in a second and he would pound the shit out of him

  17. Joe

    I agree, and that's why it would be alright with me.

    However, it wont happen anyway. There wont be a co-promotion any time soon with what Dana calls a "me too" corporation.

  18. derek

    lesnar is too big for kimbo. if kimbo can keep it on the feet, he will probably win. and we all saw kimbo's granite chin during the tank fight. if lesnar takes it down, which he will (as he did during the mir fight), then lesnar will probably pound kimbo until his beard falls off.

  19. brandi

    kimbo slice would knock lesner out also there is no way he will beat kmbo it will be a better fight than hes had but kimbo will still knock lesner out too

  20. dane drebin

    anyone who think a 234 pound kimbo slice with no background in wrestling or bjj can beat a 265 pound brock lesnar who has a world renowned wrestling pedigree is idiotic in imo. brandi did u see how fast lesnar took down mir (who i garuntee has far better takedown defense than kimbo) was thrown on his back? kimbo's striking has been impressive i admitt but he hasnt knocked out anyone in one punch… and the time it took him to knockout tank (43 seconds) he would allready be on his back gettin his head beat off. brock has a lot more to offer mma than kimbo. kimbo is a brawler for sure but the day he fights a world class grappler he will be exposed the same way houston alexander was. also kimbo is 34 and thats pretty late to try and learn a ground game to compete with the worlds best. brocks still pretty young and along with having his wrestling to fall on he has the longest reach in the ufc, biggest hands in the ufc, by far the strongest in the ufc, and from what i saw his stand up isnt half bad he dropped mir with one punch… i think teh chances of kimbo flash knocking out brock would be very slim to none

  21. luke

    Kimbo is yet to prove he can handle the competition. Tank is too battered and out of shape to continue fighting top competition. I think pro elite want to keep kimbo sweet and just let him fight people with no promise, If he went to UFC the lower level heavyweights would tear him apart. Give this man a challenge or else he will never improve, Kimbo Slice is all hype at the moment he hasn't proven anything to mma fans.

  22. Trinity

    Jamie Reagan from Oneida Tennessee around 300-0 street fighting record and his skill on the streets looks better than anyones I have ever seen.I will say this as well Kimbo Slice is a very tough guy but we will just have to wait and see how tough he really is the say there is a chance he could fight Ken Shamrock but who knows and Shamrock is not the same fighter he use to be but it's still a step up I mean Tank never was all that great but he use to be a lot better back in the day than what he is now so of course Kimbo stopped him into the ground but maybe UFC will call Kimbo up for a fight soon and then maybe we can see Lesnar and Kimbo go at it but I think if they was to fight I think Lesnar would smash him.I think wants Lesnar gets use to mma I think he will be the best in the world and yeah better than Fedor. I know I mention Jamie Reagan some but the reason is because I have never seen anyone fight any better than him that man is great.

  23. Chris

    What is it about Kimbo thats got everyones panties in a twist. He is a hell of a fighter with great potential. The same people that are saying the Tank fight was too easy for him were saying that had the fight in october not been cancled tank would of owned him. Give it a rest, and about the Lesnar comment dont make me laugh. Lesnar is the one who hasnt been tested by anyones standards. Kimbo made his name by fighting bare knuckled street fights with a very impressive record. Niether one has really been tested in the MMA world but for fighting experience Kimbo has it in spades. Maybe if Lesnar was a full foot taller and had 100 pounds or so on Kimbo size would be a factor. Lesnar might be lucky enough to last the first round and thats if he takes the fight seriously. Kimbo wins by 50 seconds into the second round.

  24. jim

    lesnar would kill slice.as far as lesnar having less experience goes the man is a 4 national wresting champ. anyone with any knowledge knows how tuff wrestling is.just look at gsp,matt hamil,hughs,and the list goes on and on with good fighters with great back grounds in wrestling

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