EliteXC: Kimbo Vs. Tank Weigh-In Results

kimbo vs. slice weigh-in results

kimbo vs. slice weigh-in results

Kyle Noke and Mikey Gomez didn’t make weight their first try, but pulled it off in the second go around.

EliteXC: Street Certified Weigh-In Results

Kimbo Slice (234 lbs) vs. Tank Abbott (263 lbs)
Ricco Rodriguez (262.5 lbs) vs. Antonio Silva (259.5 lbs)
James Thompson (253 lbs) vs. Brett Rogers (264 lbs)
Scott Smith (184 lbs) vs. Kyle Noke (184.5 lbs)
Yves Edwards (160 lbs) vs. Edson Berto (158.5 lbs)
Dave Herman (242.5 lbs) vs. Mario Rinaldi (260.5 lbs)
John Doyle (203.5 lbs) vs. Rafael Feijo (204.5 lbs)
Eric Bradley (169.5 lbs) vs. Mikey Gomez (170 lbs)
Mike Bernhard (169.5 lbs) vs. Lorenzo Borgameo (170 lbs)
Yosmany Cabezas (184.5 lbs) vs. Jon Kirk (183.5 lbs)

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