EliteXC News: Kimbo Slice Fighting In February, Rumor Tank Abbott

Kimbo Slice  Tank Abbott

Kimbo Slice  Tank Abbott

According to Fight Network Radio, Kimbo Slice will be fighting in the next EliteXC event sometime in February.

Famed Internet street fighter Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson announced today that he would return to the cage at the next EliteXC event in February against a yet to be determined opponent. The YouTube legend, who has transformed himself from backyard brawler to professional mixed martial artist, made the announcement on Fight Network Radio.

Rumors have surfaced, that EliteXC is trying to make the fight with Tank Abbott happen. Abbott has only won one fight in seven years, but you know he wont take a dive like Bo Cantrell. Here is a little clip of an interview with Bas Rutten:

Bas On Kimbo’s Next Opponent:

I want him to fight Tank because I heard in my interview yesterday that Tank made a video or something and he’s mocking Kimbo in the video. We didn’t see the video but we heard about it. They asked me about it and I had no comment because I have not seen it. If he makes those comments though then maybe he should take the fight.

Bas On Kimbo’s Potential As A Fighter:

He has a lot of potential. The enigma, the magnetic attraction he has with the people. He’s a great guy. He’s got a special aura. He’s got that killer instinct. His stand-up is better, his striking is coming together. His ground is coming together. I have some fighters who didn’t respect him. But I told them that he trains as hard if not harder than you. For him to move away from his family for several weeks, eight weeks, that says a lot about his motivation. He deserves everything that he’s got right now.

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