EliteXC News: K.J. Noons Ducking Rematch With Nick Diaz?


noons ducks diaz

EliteXC VP Jared Shaw calls out KJ Noons to “step up” and take the rematch with Nick Diaz on Oct. 4.

“Nick Diaz is the No. 1 contender. K.J. Noons should step up and be the champion that we think he is and take this fight. Nick Diaz will take this fight any place, anywhere….(Noons’ management) won’t even return our calls.”

“I don’t understand it. This fight on CBS is maximum exposure and the opportunity for maximum sponsorship dollars, way more than he could make on Showtime. At this point, I question his management.”

“Hopefully K.J. wants the fight and hopefully he will instruct his management to take the fight….K.J. signed a contract. All we want is for him to honor that contract, fight on Oct. 4 on CBS, and prove that he’s the champion we think he is. Right now, he’s not representing us as the EliteXC champion.”

Noons was awarded the first ever EliteXC lightweight belt when he defeated Nick Diaz by TKO (Cut) back at EliteXC 3 “Renegade”.

Although the fight has been hyped by EliteXC, Noons seems not to interested in giving Nick Diaz a shot at his belt.

Well have to see how this plays out after this “Call Out” by EliteXC spreads trough the forums and the media.