EliteXC President Gary Shaw Responds to Dana White’s Comments


During a EliteXC: Primetime press conference call, EliteXC President responds to statements made by UFC Dana White to the Long Beach Press.

White’s Statements:

“You know what would happen if he fought in the UFC?….I’d put him in against B.J. Penn, and (Slice) would get annihilated. The guy he is fighting, James Thompson, might get knocked out before he gets into the cage. Kimbo has no credibility at all in MMA. … I am telling you, B.J. Penn would beat him.”

Here is Gary Shaw’s response:

“Dana White is a jerkoff….That’s what Dana White is — a [expletive] idiot — and you can quote me on that. If he cared about mixed martial arts and the sport instead of caring about his big ass swimming pool and his own personal gains, he’d understand that statements like that make someone a jerk. First of all, I love B.J. Penn, and he is a friend of mine. Kimbo Slice, with one shot, would knock B.J. Penn out. But they are never going to fight. It is an idiotic statement from a complete idiot.”

“If he wasn’t an idiot, May 31 would have been the UFC instead of EliteXC….I rest my case.”

“We’re not embarrassed about our numbers…..We’re losing money. We’ll probably lose more money. But that’s what start-ups do. There are very few companies that start from day one and make money. It’s about staying power. The UFC lost over $35 million before they [got a] push. We know we have the product. We know we have the fighters.”