EliteXC Primetime Post-Fight Press Conference


Imagine a motley crue of happy, winning fighters mixed with bruised and battered, losing fighters…then throw in some blood thirsty reporters. Let’s just say that Gary Shaw was smart in letting all the fighters say their peace first and let us ask questions later. I won’t get into all the boring details of the press conference, but here were some highlights:

James Thompson stopped in before he went to the hospital (he was having trouble breathing) — he seemed so humble. Very classy guy.
Brett Rogers made a seemingly innocent comment about Kimbo’s fighting ability (of course, Kimbo was not yet in the room).
Kimbo came in as Gina Carano was speaking. Suddenly no one cared what she was saying anymore.

And then the s**t hits the fan. Once the press is allowed to start asking questions, people go for the jugular. Someone pretty much tells Kimbo what Rogers said…and that’s when there’s suddenly a swarm on the stage. Lawler is holding Kimbo back. Baroni is holding Rogers back. Both their corners are trash talking. I even get my foot stepped on by someone scrambling to get up there. But finally things are calmed down and the press can start firing away again. A few minutes go by of harmless questions. Then, hands shaking and heart racing, I decided to be brave. I ask Robbie Lawler if he’s disappointed that his fight wasn’t the main event despite being a championship fight. Robbie laughs and jokes that it doesn’t matter to him because he’d get paid the same either way. I’m relieved…until Shaw grabs the mike and looks at me. He tells me that that was an aggressive question, and that ALL the fights were equal, they were ALL main events. Yeah, yeah whatever. And I bet he doesn’t play favorites with his kids either.