EliteXC Teaming Up With Mark Burnett Of The Survivor Reality Show

mark burnett suvivor teams up with eliteXC

mark burnett suvivor teams up with eliteXC

The The Flying Triangle is reporting, EliteXC has entered into an agreement with Mark Burnett to create a reality series based on MMA. Burnett is the creator of Survivor, the reality show that started reality shows. Burnett will be given stock in the company as payment for his services. This is big for EliteXC, maybe they are going to give the UFC some competition. EliteXC is co-promoting the Strikeforce: Judgment Day event later tonight.

Basically, EliteXC joining forces with Mark to create an mma reality show is the equivalent of an mma organization joining forces with Martin Scorsese to create an mma motion picture.

Details of the actual agreement were limited, but what we do know is that Mark will have ultimate control over the series and there is a possibility of Mark producing ppv events based on the series.


  1. Judy Hansen

    June 22, 2007 at 1:47 am


    Anything to wake up the UFC is a good thing. No one should have that much control over a sport.UFC has so much shit going on that they've lost sight of the fans & are getting off just watching their pockets fill up. It was about great fights, now they just throw anything at us.

    I started to say I HATE REALITY SHOWS, but.. I guess that's what I've been watching with TUF huh?

  2. Lucas

    June 22, 2007 at 4:32 am

    The TUF show hasn't been as interesting lately and I'm sure these guys will come up with something good.

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