Extra, Extra: The “South Jersey Strangler” Claims another Victim

After being away from the ring for so long due to spinal fusion surgery, Tim Williams has returned and this time he lashed out so much fury, he claimed victory over his opponent in the Cage Fury Fighting Championships 15.

Tim Williams, also known as “The South Jersey Strangler” is now at 195 pounds and has instantly fazed Pennsylvania’s Lewis Rumsey immediately at the start of the opening bell. In just less than 90 seconds in the fight, Tim Williams was all arms on Rumsey giving him an arm-triangle choke. But somehow Rumsey managed to survive and after less than two minutes into the round another opportunity came for Tim Williams and applied a tight rear-naked choke which forced the later to tap at 3:05. Clearly,”The South Jersey Strangler” has claimed another victim!

After the fight, Tim Williams mentioned in an interview that he never once doubted himself in coming back to fight. He just made sure he was healthy enough, strong and was able to dominate contenders at his own weight class. He added, “I knew I could submit him pretty quick.”

After his bout with Rumsey, Tim Williams expressed his desire to fight for CFFC again and to prepare for the next event in August. His future sure looks bright as he holds a perfect 7-0 score card, certainly his future points towards the Octagon. It will surely be no time at all when we could see more of Tim Williams as UFC holds more and more events.

Tim Williams further commented, “If I’m in that spotlight and people want to put me in the UFC, I’m ready.” The Strangler further added, “I can’t wait to get into this full time… I can’t wait to make this transition and then it’s time to really step up and just take on anybody.”