Fedor Signs With The UFC ?

fedor finkelchtein

fedor finkelchtein

Conflicting reports have surfaced about Fedor Emelianenko’s status with the UFC. First the LA Times “UFC finalizing deal”,

A long-awaited agreement between the Ultimate Fighting Championship and the man considered the world’s best mixed martial arts fighter, Fedor Emelianenko, is expected to be announced by UFC President Dana White on Friday, a source with information about the negotiations told The Times today.

The source, who asked not to be identified because he’s not authorized to speak publicly about the dealings, called negotiations between the UFC and Fedor “very civil” just days after Fedor’s scheduled Affliction Trilogy fight Saturday against Josh Barnett was canceled.

The UFC is expected to hold a Press Conference on Friday.

Second, M-1 Global claims otherwise,

“I can give you a guarantee it’s not accurate,” said Apy Echteld of M-1 Global, a St. Petersburg, Russia-based promotion and management company of which Emelianenko is an equity stakeholder. [SI]

Fedor is expected to hold a press conference Wednesday in California, hopefully it will shed some light on this mess.

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