Fedor: UFC Lacks Respect For Their Fighters


Fedor Emelianenko,

“UFC is a money making machine. The most important thing for this organization is a brand and it’s marketing. They have a couple of good fighters and there are also some very good champions; but they are trying to keep everyone at the same level. The most important thing for them is the promotion, not the fighters. I think that they lack a respect for their fighters. As for me, I became a thorn in their side… We are constantly negotiating, but only during recent time the Americans began to show some respect. The dialogue between us is completely different right now. They are more interested in our opinion.” [Trans: LowKick]

Fedor Emelianenko is proving to be a “Thorn in the UFC’s side”. In a recent UFC rant on a Russian MMA news site, Fedor claims that the UFC has finally starting to show him respect in recent negotiations.

Dana White on sports talk 790, talks about the difficulty signing Fedor.