Fedor Wants Out Of M-1, Dana White “I Would Sign Fedor”

fedor emelianenko

fedor emelianenko

I bet you didn’t see this one coming, ESPN the Magazine has announced that Fedor Emelianenko will be a free agent as of next week.

Here’s a statement by Fedors agent, Apy Echteld:

Apy Echteld, one of Emelianenko’s agents, confirmed what a source close to the situation previously told The Magazine: M-1 Global and Emelianenko will part ways some time in the next week, making the Russian a free agent. Divorce negotiations are ongoing right now, with a formal announcement likely for in the next few days. “Officially, yes, Fedor will be a free agent,” Echteld says

Echteld about negotiating with the UFC:

If everybody is willing to put a little wine in the water, then we have something to work with. There is space for this to happen.

Dana White comments:

“I like Randy, I genuinely like to think he’s a good guy,” White says. “As much as we’ve gone back and forth on this, I would sign Fedor and do everything possible to get Randy in the octagon with
him. I’d do anything, because a., it’s a great fight and b., I think Randy would smash Fedor.”

Randy Couture vs. Fedor Emelianenko a possibility?