Fedor Wants Werdum Rematch, Strikeforce Should Listen


As much as I like Fedor as a fighter, I feel for any promotion that has to deal with his management team. In a recent interview with a Russian magazine , Fedors manager and confidant Vadim Finkelstein discusses whats next for the Russian heavyweight.

We are ready to fight against anyone, but everyone agrees that the most interesting fight right now is the rematch against Fabricio Werdum. We have one fight left on our contract, so if Strikeforce want to extend it — they should listen to our opinion. Fedor will fight again sometime between October and November. I’ll repeat that again: the only thing fans want to see is Fedor vs Werdum II. Fabricio himself said that he would like to rematch Fedor in Russia. It’s great, but this fight will not happen in Russia. [Translated via LowKick]

Sound to me like they just want to avenge the loss to Werdum, so Fedor can walk off into the sunset with an unblemished record.

Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker has other plans, expressing his desire for Fedor to finish his contract against the champion Alistair Overeem.

“My feeling is maybe Fedor should fight Alistair Overeem and whoever wins that fight gets to fight Fabricio Werdum. I would love to see that fight too, Alistair and Fedor, I would love to see that fight happen. Here’s the thing, we just saw Fedor fight Werdum; I’m not saying we couldn’t do the rematch [Fedor vs. Werdum] first but I’m saying there are a couple options on the table. Until we sit down with M-1, we’re just talking about different options and that [Fedor vs. Overeem] is one of the options.” [Sherdog]