Fertitta Offers Mirko Cro Cop “Non-Refusable” Offer To Sign With The UFC?

cro cop mirko ufc99

cro cop mirko ufc99

Who saw this coming,

Fertitta arrived in Zagreb, Croatia on a private plane this morning and proceeded straight to Filipovic’s residence where the pair engaged in two hours of talks, according to Index.hr

“A source tells us that CroCop got an offer that is simply non-refusable,” the article states. “CroCop will almost certainly look at the returning to the strongest MMA league in the world currently knows.” [FightersOnly]

Apparently if this is true, the UFC brass must have seen some favorable numbers post UFC 99 to go after Cro Cop like this. Cro Cops interest in fighting several times a year, was apparently a big sticking point in Cro Cops interest in fighting for the UFC.