Fight Highlights: Roger Gracie vs. Keith Jardine in Middleweight Division

Fight Highlights: Roger Gracie vs. Keith Jardine in Middleweight Division

Fight Highlights: Roger Gracie vs. Keith Jardine in Middleweight DivisionBrazilian fighter Roger Gracie achieves victory against his fight with Keith Jardine in middleweight division via decision. Gracie had this successfully using attacks and skills with his takedowns over Jardine. Judges scored in favor of Gracie with the following 29-27, 30-26, 30-27. Gracie was very much contented with how the fight went along because all was according to his game plan.

Gracie vs. Jardine: Highlights of Each Round

During the first round, Gracie ultimately showed his skills against his opponent. Although Jardine gained his momentum during the first minute, Gracie used this to his advantage and took him to the ground. Gracie quickly scored with various strikes on top of Jardine and victoriously threw different attacks on the latter resulting to lacerations. Although Gracie was powerful on the first round, Jardine managed to survive and took the second round, which was very similar to the first round attacks. Most of the second round was cases of survival against Gracie who was completely prominent all throughout blowing different throws while he was waiting for Jardine’s submission. A bit of Gracie needed rest during the third round, which opened a chance for Jardine to attack Gracie. From outside, Jardine managed to move away from Gracie’s attacks and maintained the fight even on feet. Following two rounds, Jardine cannot simply manage the finishing attacks against Gracie. This led to the latter’s victory overall the fight.

The Glorious Win of Gracie

Gracie really proved well with his prowess on ground. He outweighed Jardine in every angle of the fight which led to a victory on second round against Jardine. The grappling is very much apparent during the second round according to most UFC fans. The control while he is on top is absolutely good than any MMA fighter. Gracie really has a good shot being one of the top fighters in middleweight division.

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