Fight Video: Sean McCorkle Packs On a Few To Get TKO’d By Brian Heden


Sean McCorkle has been getting his career advise from one Tim Sylvia. The former UFC heavyweight threw cardio out the door, packed on a few pounds (312 lbs.) and got the snot beat out of him by regional fighter Brian Heden at Worldwide Mixed Martial Arts’ (WMMA) first show last Saturday in El Paso, Texas.

I’m not sure this is the fight that’s going to get him back in the UFC anytime soon. McCorkle on the UG,

I can promise all you guys, my fans and haters alike, that the next time you see me embarrass myself in an MMA cage, will be the last time. I embarrassed myself in the Struve fight so badly that I thought I could never top it. Last night was worse times ten. I have absolutely no explanation for my cardio problems …. The next time I gas in a fight and lose because of it, I will retire. End of story. I will not continue to embarrass myself, my family, my coaches, my training partners, or the promotion that is paying me to fight ever again.”