Figuring Out How to Beat Jon Jones

Josuel Distak is a behind the success of many biggest names in MMA, from UFC welterweight Erick Silva, Rafael Calvalcante and Ronaldo Souza, former Strikeforce champs and Anderson Silva, UFC middleweight champion.

Fans are anticipating UFC President Dana White’s revelation of an Anderson Silva versus Georges St. Pierre but some have mentioned that the ideal match would be against Silva and Jon Jones now UFC light heavyweight champion. Distak discusses the strategy on how to beat Jon Jones but to him this is an incomplete puzzle. He was interviewed about his experience with impressive fighters and was asked about his technique on how to bring down Jones.

“Actually, we have not seen Jon Jones on his back.” Distak mentioned. “Vitor (Belfort) got his arm, he had the opportunity. Actually Jones is unpredictable. To me the strategy to do a fight with him would involve finding out how he fights on his back.”

Distak also commented regarding the possibility of a match between Silva and his X-Gym teammate Souza. This fight could be a reality if Strikeforce will truly shut down after its January 12, 2013 event. Previously, Souza was interviewed regarding the matchup but he mentioned that this was entirely dependent on Silva but Distak revealed that although this was a great fight to anticipate, both fighters talked it out and decided that it cannot be done.

“I can guarantee you that it will never happen because we have an honor code. None of the top fighters will fight each other. Jacare and Anderson already had a long talk after Jacare gave that interview, and they decided together that this fight will never happen. Team Nogueira and X-Gym will never face each other. It’s totally impossible for Rafael Feijao to face Antonio Rogerio Nogueira, Jacare to face Anderson… Our honor code say that betrayers don’t stay in our team.”

The coach also opened on the subject of Erick Silva and his loss to Jon Fitch at UFC 153. He mentioned that this loss came at the right time. He commented that Silva was still in the starting point of his career and that any set back like this would surely be easily handled. However, Distak wishes another matchup between his talent and the American. “Jon Fitch again. This is the next opponent I wanted again. But this time I assure you it would be different.”