Finalist of TUF Vinny Magalhaes Makes a Comeback Inside UFC’s Arena

Finalist of TUF Vinny Magalhaes Makes a Comeback Inside UFC’s Arena

Finalist of TUF Vinny Magalhaes Makes a Comeback Inside UFC’s ArenaAnother Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to expect inside the Octagon is The Ultimate Fighter Finalist Vinny Magalhaes, as he signed a big contract with UFC. This contract signing is difficult for Magalhaes at first. Last October 2011, Magalhaes has been encountering issues with his former promoter, M-1 Global. Before he went off the camp, Magalhaes was the champion for light-heavyweight division. This event first came from Tatame. Nonetheless, a news site in Brazil further noted that Magalhaes would be coming back earlier than expected on September 1 at UFC 151. Although this is a high probability, some sources have noted that there is still no confirmed date of fight. Another probability was Magalhaes would fight later this 2012.

Magalhaes’ Background

This fighter is known to be one of the famous Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners. Magalhaes won several bouts on ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championships last year. Some of the BJJ titles were also snatched by Magalhaes. His legacy inside TUF was even more magnificent. Magalhaes first beat Lance Evans during the first round because of rib fracture. Through an armbar, Magalhaes defeated Jules Bruchez, also in first round. Magalhaes continued to defeat Krystof Soszynski and finally faced Ryan Bader. During this match, Magalhaes debuted in UFC as main card for TUF 8 Finale. Nonetheless, Magalhaes lost via unanimous decision. Another loss from Elliot Marshall prompted his exit in UFC.

Disputes with M-1 Global

Following his contract with UFC, the overall record Magalhaes had was 7-1 with five fights won through submission, two on knockout, and one loss via decision. As he moved in with M-1 Global, he defeated Viktor Nemkove in light heavyweight then went on to defeat Mikhail Zayats. Nonetheless, these were bolted down with disputes in M-1 Global. Magalhaes even had his championship belt on Ebay for sale having a bid of $90,000. Nonetheless, the item was pulled off before it was about to be sold.