Frank Mir Pokes Fun Of Brock Lesnar’s Broadcasting Skills

frank mir

Former UFC heavyweight champion apparently wasn’t impressed with Brock Lesnars broadcasting abilities at UFC on FOX 1.

“Brock did such a great job, I don’t know if I could ever replace that. He was so articulate and well-spoken that I think he pretty much slammed it into the ground. You know how bad it was? I felt bad for watching it. You know it’s bad when I’m sitting there feeling bad for him, like ‘Man, someone just cut the mic, pull [the camera] over, do a three shot!’ I think I could have pulled it off a little bit better. Obviously it will be competitive when we fight each other, but as far as speaking terms, not so much.”

Mir must have went to Chael Sonnen’s school of fight promotion, making fun of the champion till he asks for the fight.