Frank Shamrock Fighting Kimbo Slice, Would Have Been Better For EliteXC


Frank Shamrock tells Sherdog, that if they would off put him instead on a “nobody” (Petruzelli), Slice might of not be in such bad shape. Getting knocked out by a MMA legend and former champion is better then losing to a light heavyweight who hasn’t competed in over a year.

“When I realized we would have to cancel the show, I said, ‘Look, I’ll fight the guy. You know, it’s a great story — little brother steps into the spot, comes out of the booth. It’s very compelling, but we need a fight to happen that’s compelling,…That went around for hours. Then I put my shirt on and went to work. No one committed to it, so I just kept talking.”

“Kimbo is great, great for ratings … But Kimbo fighting a star, a superstar, somebody who’s going to elevate him or knock him down in a good way … that’s what we needed that night. We didn’t need a nobody to beat Kimbo.”