Frank Trigg Signs Multi-Fight Deal With The UFC



Welterweight veteran Frank Trigg announced on the MMAJunkie radio show that he has signed a multi-fight deal to return to the UFC. Trigg didn’t have much details about the contract, except that it took nine months to complete.

“We tried real hard to make a deal for the WEC, back when they still had a welterweight division, and we just couldn’t come together … I talked to them again, and (WEC matchmaker) Sean Shelby and (UFC matchmaker) Joe Silva and I got together and worked it all out.”

Frank “Twinkle Toes” Trigg, 37, hasn’t competed in the UFC since 2005. Trigg went 2-3 in the UFC, two of those losses were to then UFC welterweight champ Matt Hughes (UFC 45 and UFC 52).

Trigg has gone 4-0 as of late, racking up wins over Edwin Dewees, Makoto Takimoto, Falaniko Vitale and Danny Babcock.