Frank Trigg’s Hilarious Fedor Emelianenko Story


Rebellion MMA Radio hosted Frank Trigg and asked him about some of his most memorable moments in the sport. One that caught everyone’s attention is that he said Fedor Emelianenko actually speaks really good english. Wow, none of us knew that since we’ve only heard him through translators his whole career. But the story is pretty hilarious.

This is what it’s like to share a bottle of vodka with Fedor, according to Frank Trigg:

“A lot of my stories are usually weird stuff from after parties that you really can’t talk about,” said Trigg. “But going to Japan a lot you really learn about a lot of different people. You see Jake Shields over there all the time, you see Gilbert Melendez over there all the time and it’s just a weird situation when you’re in this foreign land with all of these Americans but the most interesting thing was drinking vodka with Fedor.”

“[Fedor and I] are sitting there in the hotel bar and we’re talking and we’re having a great time and all of a sudden I realize that this fool speaks English. I was like ‘Come on man, you’re really going to pull this?’ It’s not good English or clear English but you can definitely understand it enough to talk to him. He was just like ‘Nah, I don’t like doing it because I don’t feel comfortable on the microphone’ and we were just talking for five minutes in a straight English conversation without a translator.”

“Then he goes ‘You know its funny’ and I go ‘What’s that?’ and he says ‘The more you drink vodka, the better you think your Russian is.’ That was when I first started realizing how the world works.”