Frankie Edgar Wants Rematch With Henderson, Dana White Offers Him Aldo

frankie edgar

After years of fighting stiff competition, Former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar wants a chance to get his belt back from Ben Henderson.

“I’m saying it, and I’m saying it loud: I want my rematch. I’m not going to have these antics or play these games. I’m telling you want I want. This is what I want. I think it’s fair. I think the fans want to see it. It was fight of the night. Listen, even if these guys want to see me get beat up, I do get beat up in a lot of my fights, even in the fights I win, so it’s win-win for everybody. I think the rematch makes sense on several levels. Not only can UFC be good guys, I think I earned it. Economically, they’ve been investing money in me. I’ve been at the helm of this weight class for two years now. I think it just makes sense for them and obviously for me. Let’s do it.”

After hearing Edgars demands, UFC President Dana White tells media at the UFC On FX 2 press conference that he rather see him challenge for the featherweight belt.

“I feel like Frankie Edgar absolutely deserves a rematch [against Ben Henderson], seeing as how every time this guy has fought, he’s given everyone else a rematch … Yet, I don’t want him to fight at 155 pounds, I want him to go to 145 and fight for that title. And if we do give him a rematch, it clogs up [the division] — there are other guys that are in line waiting and it’s just a big mess.”

Dana is right, these instant rematches clog up the rankings ladder. While the fight between Edgar and Henderson could have gone either way, let Frankie and Ben take separate fights. If that goes well, give Frankie a chance to earn his lightweight title back.

And now that Aldo has essentially cleared out the featherweight division and is talking about moving up to the lightweight. There isn’t a better time to have Frankie Edgar go down and challenge him for the title.


  1. Ron Pauly

    March 1, 2012 at 10:28 am

    Edgar has a good chance at beating Aldo. How can he say no to a chance at being a two division UFC champion.

  2. 209er

    March 1, 2012 at 12:33 pm

    I think like Henderson said, Frankie Edgar usually gets hurt or in trouble in most of his fights. Aldo is one of the best finishers in the UFC. He's not Grey Maynard. If I was Edgar I would look for a rematch with Henderson instead.

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