FTC Investigation Into Zuffa Business Practices Ends With No Action Taken


The Federal Trade Commission investigation into the business practices of UFC parent company Zuffa has been closed. In a letter posted on the official FTC website,

“is not to be construed as a determination that a violation may not have occurred. Accordingly, the investigation has been closed.”

Now that we know the UFC is not a ESPN “Monopoly” thanks to the diligent investigation by the FTC. We can now move forward with what should a great card this weekend in Vegas – UFC 143 “Diaz vs. Condit. Lorenzo Fertitta:

“There’s plenty of competition and there’s literally no barrier to entry. Anybody who wants to get in the business, they can go file for a promoter’s license, put up some capital, go sign some fighters and go get a television contract. There’s plenty of options there, too. It’s a wide open market for anybody who wants to get involved.”

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