Gary Shaw Contradicts EliteXC, “We’re looking for a stand-up fight”


EliteXC consultant Gary Shaw adds some more fuel to the EliteXC fight fixing fire, contradicting EliteXC’s Head Of Operations Jeremy Lappan and his own son Jared “$kala” Shaw in a recent interview with the LA Times.

Elite XC consultant Gary Shaw said he wouldn’t hesitate to “go to a fighter and say, ‘We’re looking for a stand-up fight.’ You’re not asking him to throw a fight. You’re talking about a fan-friendly fight, not about protecting Kimbo.”

Shaw said he has urged MMA fighters in the past to maximize the action, to avoid an abundance of yawn-inspiring wrestling.

“Do I think that’s unethical? No,” Shaw said. “Because in MMA, you get bonus money for a knockout. I don’t see it as unethical . . . asking him to be TV and fan friendly.”