Georges St. Pierre Still UFC Welterweight Champion

The headliner for UFC 154 in Bell Centre, Montreal, Canada is a fight between Georges St. Pierre against Carlos Condit. But after a long 5 rounds it was clear that the welterweight belt still belongs to Georges St. Pierre.

In round one, St. Pierre started the fight with inside leg kicks that moved Condit to the sides but Condit was able to circle away after giving the champ a short punch. Another move causes Condit to come back to the fence but he lands a jab on St. Pierre and the champ counters with several punches that spin Condit flat on the ground. Even before the first round ended, Condit already sustained a cut above his eye brow which was a result of St. Pierre’s punches and attempts to put him down.

In round two St. Pierre again dominated Condit with all the judges voting on his expertise. But Condit was not a passive fighter in the ring, he also managed to counter with a one-two and a short shot on St. Pierre but the latter is quick to counter most of his punches. St. Pierre even managed to come up with a leg kick that sends Condit down. St. Pierre was seen with a cut under his left eye from Condit’s elbows at the end of the round.

Round three however was Condit’s time to shine as he was seen kicking St. Pierre’s temple with his shin, a barrage of punches and elbows that caused the champ to change his style? The two locked in a battle of dominance as St. Pierre threatens Condit with a waistlock. In under a minute, St. Pierre decided it was time for a takedown move but was not rewarded with success.

In round 4 St. Pierre was again the man. The round opened with Condit giving St. Pierre a high kick but a series of events that first dominated by Condit began to move into St. Pierre’s advantage. Condit tries a triangle but St. Pierre was quick to respond and regain his lead. The round ended with the right side of Condit’s face covered in blood.

In the final round, St. Pierre was still the clear winner as he gave excellent shot combinations and hard punches. Condit on the other hand responded by trying some offensive attacks but to no avail. The round finished and St. Pierre was officially declared as the reigning UFC welterweight champion.