Georges St-Pierre vs. Matt Serra Full Fight Video

UFC 83 was held in Montreal, Canada on April 19, 2008. The main event was a championship bout between welterweight champion, Matt Serra, and the challenger, Georges St. Pierre.

St. Pierre had lost the belt to Serra in a shocking upset at UFC 69. Serra had caught St. Pierre with a vicious right hook late in round one that stunned St. Pierre.  St. Pierre was stunned very badly, and Serra capitalized on that by catching him with several more solid punches.

One final right hook put St. Pierre on the canvas. Serra pounced on him in the mounted position, and pounded St. Pierre until he could no longer continue. The MMA world was turned upside down by Serra’s incredible win and St. Pierre’s shocking loss. Now they would rematch once again for the welterweight belt.

Round 1:  They meet in the center of the Octagon, touch gloves, and start the feeling out process. Within seconds, Serra attempts a punch. St. Pierre quickly dodges it, then immediately shoots and scores a takedown. St. Pierre gets in top position and starts working, throwing punches to Serra’s body and head. Serra struggles to hold on to St. Pierre and keep control, but St. Pierre dominates from top position.

Serra is unable to mount any kind of offense at all. St. Pierre starts reigning down punches, landing effectively to Serra’s face. At the 1:30 mark, Serra rolls over, giving up his back. St. Pierre starts landing hammer fists to the side of Serra’s head. Serra tries to stand up, but St. Pierre stays right on him, riding him on the side of the cage. About: 40 left, Serra is finally able to stand, with his face cut and bleeding. Serra attempts a few punches, none landing. 20 seconds later St. Pierre takes him down again, lands some solid punches, and a strong knee to the body, then the round ends.

Round 2:  They meet in the center again. Serra throws one kick which allows St. Pierre to quickly score another takedown. He backs Serra into the cage and starts working him with punches and knees. Serra struggles to get to his feet, but St. Pierre is relentless. After 30 seconds Serra is finally able to stand, but is unable to do any damage. St. Pierre throws several stiff, unanswered jabs, and then takes Serra down once again.

Serra looks tired as St. Pierre drops punches, hammer fists, and knees to Serra’s body. At the 1:30 mark, Serra has given up his back once again, and St. Pierre capitalizes by throwing vicious knees to Serra’s rib cage. After 3 or 4 knees, Serra rolls over and St. Pierre continues to reign down punches. Seconds later, Serra decides to roll over again, exposing his back. There are: 40 left in the round. St. Pierre starts landing vicious knees to Serra’s ribs once again, and Serra is not defending at this point. After rolling over another time, Serra exposes his body yet again with: 20 left.

Georges starts landing knee after knee to Serra’s body. Serra is just covering his face at this point and not doing anything to defend. After about the 4th unanswered knee, referee Yves Lavigne had seen enough, and steps in and stops the fight with: 15 left in the round. Georges St. Pierre has won the match by TKO in the second round, and is once again crowned the UFC welterweight champion.