Georges St-Pierre: Will He Standout Against Anderson Silva?

Georges St-Pierre: Will He Standout Against Anderson Silva?

Georges St-Pierre: Will He Standout Against Anderson Silva?The match held between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen proved a lot of things in MMA. Both were very good fighters but only one can succeed in one division. Sonnen can very well epitomize what kind of fighter suits Silva but because of the recent loss of the former; Sonnen may not be the very best opponent for Silva. Looking at their potentials, there is no doubt that only one could handle the same styles as Sonnen and that would be Georges St-Pierre who is recognized as the most magnificent MMA fighter nowadays. However, many doubt if he could continue the legacy that Sonnen proposed against Silva.

Is There a Chance for St-Pierre?

Every MMA fighter is unique that nobody could do the equal skill given to each fighter. During the UFC 148, the opening fight duration showed Sonnen who is dominant inside the cage. Silva finishes the fight and successfully defends the title against Sonnen. At UFC 117, Sonnen already established his fame within 4 years but still, this period is not sufficient to keep his title in UFC. The second match gave the same results to Sonnen who was beaten by Silva. Looking at both scenarios, does St-Pierre stand a chance against Silva? The probable situation would be for St-Pierre to take down the fight on the mat. However, Silva would still manage to throw his guard on any attack.

The Success of St-Pierre in Fighting

In 2007, St-Pierre executed a good submission against Matt Hughes through the use of arm bar. The recent stoppage also happened with a rematch against Matt Serra, a year after his fight with Hughes. No doubt, these events put Silva in favor of MMA’s limelight that he might steal away from St-Pierre. This can very well be a good bout as two skillful fighters will prove their prowess inside the Octagon.

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  1. G.B.Hamerick

    July 19, 2012 at 11:07 pm

    Look the paper champ gsp could never in any type of fantasy dream beat silva. Silva is without a doubt the best pound for pound fighter in the ufc. Don’t degenerate his status by suggesting the paper champ gsp would or could have a chance to beat him in the octagon that would be a insult to silva.

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