Gina Carano Gets Personal on Conan: Talks About The Similarities Between Cage Fighting and Sex, Liking the Pain of Fighting



Last night Gina Carano, star of the Steven Soderbergh film Haywire, sat down with Conan O’Brien and things got pretty interesting. Not only did she like doing the rough stunts while filming, but her Mossad agent stunt trainer for the film actually staged a kidnapping to get her ready for the role. Now that’s what I call frickin’ method acting.

Conan: you said you’ve likened cage fighting to sex. Uh, yes you did. I want to know why that’s true in great detail.

GC: When you think about it it’s a very real interaction between two human beings. It’s like an energy. You have an energy and I’ve got an energy. And it’s like an energy that nobody else is going to share.

Conan: Yes…did they tell you I’m a perv?

Conan: One of your costars said, he got the impression, that Gina liked to come away with bruises after a scene. And you didn’t mind that, you actually kind of liked it a little bit?

GC: Yeah. It sounds bad but yeah. I mean. Even when you get in a fight if you don’t walk away with something hurting you kind of feel like. Damn, you know. Let me go punch myself in the face now.

The film is getting great critical review’s with an approval rating of 83% by the 121 critics that reviewed the film on Rotten Tomatoes.