Glover Teixera vs. Fabio Maldonado Full Fight Video

UFC 153 took place October 13, 2012 from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The card featured a light heavyweight matchup between Glover Teixera and Fabio Maldonado.

Glover was a very well respected MMA veteran who got his start in the WEC fighting organization in 2002. It took many years for Glover to make it over to the UFC due to issues with his passport. He finally entered the Octagon in 2012 at UFC 146, stopping Kyle Kingsbury by submission in round 1. He is a well rounded fighter, known for submissions and knockout power.

This was Fabio’s 4th fight in the UFC. He had just come off of back to back losses against Igor Pokrajac and Kyle Kingsbury, and was ready to get back into the win column. He entered the UFC in 2010 with a KO win over James McSweeney. With a UFC record of 1-2, Fabio is anxious to get back in the ring and prove he is a viable light heavyweight. In order to do that, he will have a tough task in taking out Glover Teixera.

Round 1: Both fighters come out and touch gloves in the center. Glover immediately goes on the attack, pressing the action and forcing Fabio to backpedal. Glover backs him into the cage and rushes forward with a solid one-two punch combo that drops Fabio to the canvas. Glover jumps on his back and starts landing lefts and rights to the side of his head.

Glover flips him over and mounts him against the side of the cage. He starts dropping fists and elbows to Fabio’s head. Some of them are getting through, some of them are blocked. Fabio is known for having a great chin, and he takes the shots and fights on. Glover is relentless, dropping bomb after bomb. Glover tries to lock in an arm triangle and holds it for a long time, but is unable to finish.

Glover is totally dominant, staying in the mount and dropping punch after punch to Fabio’s head. After almost spending the whole round on his back, Fabio is able to scramble to his feet. Glover stalks and lands several punches to Fabio’s face. Out of nowhere Fabio lands a solid left hook that stuns Glover for a second. They continue to duke it out until the round ends.

Round 2: Glover comes right out and scores a takedown. Fabio tries to scramble out of it and finally gets to his feet. Fabio’s face is busted up good but continues to fight. Glover tries another takedown and gets it. He takes his back then gets into the full mount. He lands 2 solid elbows back to back and Fabio grabs onto to him to control his posture.

Glover continues to work from side control, punching the body and the face of Fabio. He lands 3 or 4 more strong elbows. Fabio takes it and continues to defend. Glover is getting the best of the exchange, then the ref stands them up. The ref has the doctor come in to look at Fabio’s face, but they let them continue. They face off in the center and Glover presses the attack once again, throwing 3 strong hooks that move Fabio back. The round ends with Glover still stalking and throwing punches.

The doctor comes in between rounds and determines that Fabio has taken enough damage and stops the fight. Glover Teixera defeats Fabio Maldonado due to doctor’s stoppage in round 2.